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Blue Heron

Falling Down

All Day Long

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My instrumental music has been enjoyed at wineries, breweries, and event dinners for over ten years in the inland northwest. I present music that grooves slowly and runs deep. I play at a volume that is loud enough to enjoy, but never overpowering. I want my music to wash over the event participants – loud enough to hear, but never intrusive. Music that enhances your event rather than music that takes over your event. 


I have played professionally in the Northwest since the early 1990s. I was a part of the Seattle-based blues bands Albro Swift, Deacon Blue, and Milagro. I played guitar with Seattle blues and jazz legend Ted Bellusci in The Ted Bellusci Band. I relocated to the Lewis-Clark Valley in the early 2000s and have been playing professionally since my arrival.




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Whether your event is a dinner party, new wine release, special occasion, wedding, or just a Friday night — I'll play my hearts out! Call, text, or email me below to discuss the details and our affordable pricing for your next event: (208) 305-8381.

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